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Being in Pain for Others….My story about “Brazilian” Waxing

on September 30, 2013

I have been in the beauty industry since 1986. I think I have pretty much seen it all. Plastic Surgery, Liposuction, Botox and facials. Women with hair woes, guys with receding hair lines and acne…the list could go on forever and strangely, I love it. I got into the industry while still in high school. The 80’s is when I truly started to learn to look at people not just for their outside but for what they were about. Big Hair was a big part of it as was matte skin. I also started as a 17 year old, that guys were mean. I mean…down to the core mean. Girls had to be hairless and have the coy look. Cat eyed makeup was in vogue and when waxing began to make more sense, this is where I was introduced to the Brazilian.

Brazilian waxes are exposing..they void one’s “private area” of hair to the bare skin. From the front of the body through the “great divide” of our bottom and up to the low back. It can be modified to leave a what is referred to as a “landing strip” of hair too, for those that can’t bear the pain of the whole experience. It can be done for guys too. Waxing the family jewels actually is becoming the norm. But I am annoyed when I hear about people going through this as a means of getting close to the ones they care for intimately or “love”.

Aside from Success Coaching, I am also a practicing Aesthi in a waxing salon. Brazilian waxes bring a lot of money into my own as between we four practitioners, we probably bring in about $500 a piece per week on Brazilians alone. Its a mill of sort, walk in, rip, rip, rip… and out you go, bald as a baby. That was once a very droning thought until I started attracting people who wanted Brazilians but had NEVER been waxed on any other part of their bodies they entire life.

My first question is always, “of all the waxing techniques, why did you choose a Brazilian as your first experience with waxing.”? Slowly the answers have evolved away from “because I personally wanted to try it out” to..”it’s my Boyfriend’s Birthday” or the new one ” I am doing FOR so and so”. MY second statement is “why”?

I have seen people after they have had the procedure done, walk out as if it was giving birth to a child. I wont lie, it hurts and if you have longer hair that is unkempt in your private zone, then it hurts more. It feels like duct tape being ripped out of your hair or duct tape ripping off a mustache, neck hair or chest hair. It irritates skin and could possibly bruise you. Plus after wards you cannot do anything strenuous including hot tubs or engaging in “intimate playtime” ( WINK WINK) if you know what I mean.

Now the Coach in me comes out. Why are we as a culture so ready to do things that cause us pain to gain the admiration of others? That is something to coach around ALONE!!! How can your self-esteem be so low that you would give the ultimate gift (yourself) as an offering to the Brazilian Waxing Goddess? We color our hair and cut it to be in, we do acrylic and artificial nails to portray fictional characters to appease or fit in with other’s fantasies or the Hollywood norm. We ingest whitening treatments, radiation from Lasers. We abrade and chemically peel the skin, wear veneer teeth and subject ourselves to serious surgeries to implant silicone bags and shunts to make our penis’ bigger? JUST TO MAKE OURSELVES ACCEPTABLE TO OTHERS!

On the opposite spectrum, how many times do you feel SELFISH if you treat yourself to something? If we intend on spending money on a bang trim or eyebrow wax to make ourselves feel better, we think twice before we spend. Its frivolous to spend $20 on a hair treatment which keeps us looking good. But yet we go through the pain and hurt of doing things to make OTHERS happy. Pain experienced for another is so NOT worth what you pay for it.


Spend the next 5-days of your work week and take inventory of the pain you go through to be “fulfilled” and wanted by loved one, bosses, relationships and so on. Put a value on them. For instance, for every pain your experience assign a dollar value. At payday this week ( or whenever you get paid) add up those dollars. Deposit dollars which are equivalent to the amount of “pain” dollars into a box, piggy bank or drawer. At the end of the 5-day period of savings, take your dollars out of Secret Stash place and spend them on YOU. You will be amazed at the feeling of euphoria that you receive when you spend your Pain money earned on YOU! Plus you also noticed unless you are saving for a Tattoo, you wont hurt or cause yourself extreme pain!

For those of you that go through Brazilians “for” someone else…it is at least worth $5.00!
(Just Sayin’!)

Have a Great Monday Lovees!



2 responses to “Being in Pain for Others….My story about “Brazilian” Waxing

  1. Taylor Grace says:

    I’m working freelance at Stellar Skin & Laser in Tempe. Hypnotherapy, coaching, tarot readings, Reiki, Reflexology. I want success coaching! 🙂

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