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Shouldn’t being a Prophet be Non-Profit?

When I began many years ago on what some refer to as a “Spiritual Path”, it didn’t resemble ANY story that any of us may have been taught throughout the years of CCD, Christian dogma, Bible School on Sundays, teen meetings, Edge, Young Women’s night or so on…(no offense to those who subscribe to organized or unorganized religion)  The path I had taken was wanting to know what I could do to help my humankind, using my own brand of energy work and other things I had been taught by people in my surroundings as well as things I had become very interested in and learned on my own such as Angel card reading or Energy healing.  I became very good at what I was self teaching myself until I wanted more, and what I learned was that obtaining enlightenment isn’t sitting around a campfire or well as was in Biblical times, it would come at a cost.

This past week as I sat going through the ritual of Spring cleaning, I came across VOLUMES of workbooks and even more VOLUMES of notebooks from the classes I had taken.  I think I spent more time revisiting what I learned then I did accomplishing a dent in the chore I had originally set out to achieve.  There was one thing in common with ALL of the pages in those books… the bottom of the pages noted Copyright symbols, “property of…” and the common “All Right Reserved” sentence.  It kind of threw me back with thoughts of how people having a certain audacity to try and copyright energy work or an esoteric skill like dowsing.  But so be it….


Is this your library too?

Is this your library too?

So I had a conversation with my better half.  In a discussion about these teachings since say, 1996, and with my adventures of what I had learned and what I had PAID to learn, my future husband retorted, “Shit, you should have a doctorate in this stuff”.  He reminded me of all of the gurus out there like Tony Robbins, Carolyn Myss, Vishen Lakihni, and Doreen Virtue.  Then being the insightful partner that he is, he asked me..”but Angel, do you think Buddha or Christ ever charged to have followers?”  Let me just tell you, he always seems to have a way of hitting the nail on the head.  I had spent a lot of money becoming a Doctor of Thinkology but STILL don’t know how to present what I have learned to make the money in return to pay the bill for what I have learned!!

Angel M. Brant, Phd, Thinkology

Angel M. Brant, Phd, Think-ology

So,  this morning as I meditated and asked my Angels what message or lesson I was to absorb today, here is what I got … Is it really about helping people get better or getting them on the right track in their lives using this work or profiting from what I have learned and am ready to teach?  In other words, what am I missing?  Is it really about an equal exchange of energy or about finding an issue with profiting at what some call being a “Prophet?

Lakshmi..Goddess of Good Fortune

Lakshmi..Goddness of Good Fortune

After reading through all of the stuff I had hoarded away, I became very befuddled!  I have this inner voice now that wants to know:

Why do I find fault with taking money to be recognized as a spiritual leader?  

The Ascended Masters had followers which carried alms to share in repayment, but it seems the greatest thing that the healed people did was to share the message or to be more like the Ascended Master they had come to see.  Many of these messages are STILL repeated to this day.

Call it envy, resentment or jealousy, but I’m to the opinion that the mission should FIRST be to convey Spiritual Enlightenment and Spiritual Guidance to assist with the greater good of some or all.  Im just having a hard time with putting a price on that enlightenment.  I ask myself over and over “How can I basically Profit from being a Prophet”.

Do I need my own big 6-car house in Miami to be a spiritual leader? Do I need a private jet or a shark skin suit?  Not really, is it nice?  Sure..but should material wealth be considered a gift or part of the deal.  Right now, I need a prophet to help me with sorting that out and accepting that.  This seems to be the missing link for me on how to turn my what I now know into a life sustaining means without feeling like I am ripping somebody off in their journey for enlightenment or help.  Afterall, ..I am sure that Prophet will want to Profit from their advice.



In the end, it brings me to the thought that there must be some further evolution in store for me, some homework that I still have left to do.  Perhaps it is a guidance that I am supposed to be listening to now that I have a little extra time on my hands to do it.  I know that I want to teach joy and teach recovery to those that are seeking it, I just have a hard time setting up fees and an equally difficult time with those who chastise me for wanting solely to ask for a “Love Offering”.

I would love to hear your feedback because for the first time in a very long time, I am surrendering my thoughts and manifesting clarity.


Be Blessed, Prosper and Remember to Pay it Forward…Carpe Diem!



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Embrace the Silence..a New Year’s Resolution!

Every morning, like many parents, I drive my kids to school.  It’s about a 5- mile drive so, of course we listen to music.  But not the same music from radio channels blaring the news and drama of Hollywood,  we listen to an iPod or music from Pandora which I have installed on my iPhone.

This morning I left my phone behind because I left it off the charger last night.  When the girls asked for the music to be on, I told my daughters I just wanted to have a quiet ride to school.   A ride where I could enjoy them, their conversations and focus on the day ahead.  So after a little bit of debate about leaving the car radio off and just “hearing” silence, we started to talk to one another about how the place called “the Silence” can be so significant.  Like teenagers, they didn’t get the conversation and I bid them a good day accompanied with the “I love you” that we also share the 180 days we leave each other at the school’s entrance.   As I drove home I started to think more and more about the place.  The “place” called Silence.


One of the things I encourage clients when they are searching for answers in sessions is to go internally.  Shut their eyes, go out of their heads and into their hearts.  The biggest complaint I get when they don’t go into this “void” is that they “can’t”  come up with solutions, when eyes are open they must search their conscious mind for answers thinking what they have to offer might satisfy what I want to hear.   Why is Silence such a Scary Place?

Which brings me to Carolyn.  She is one of my coaching clients who is a kinesthetic personality.  I HAVE to do things with her that involve movement.   My advice to her was that as she hikes and gets to the highest point of her hike, simply sit down, embrace the silence and listen to the wind blow.  There and only there is she in her “place of Silence”.  What Carolyn said to me is that things have become more clear to her in this “place” because mind chatter has quieted and there is no white noise or interference from the world that she created.  A world that was once created with a single thought, a thought that developed from silence.

Thoughts both great and not so great emerge from the nothingness of silence. Your creativity comes out of this void. Why is it so hard to accept that our very essences emerged from emptiness?  Creation requires some period of just being STILL… In order for the proverbial batteries to be charged we must remove tensions and anxiety.  We must reacquaint ourselves with going into the quiet and listening.  Closing not only our mouths and shutting down our own motors is how we both can heal and inspire.  For years doctors have told their patients, you need rest.  I know when I have a migraine in order for me to heal and be “normal”, I must find rest, void of noise and chatter!  Rest in the Silence.

In silence, too, you make your personal and conscious contact with your Higher Power /God.   Have you ever been fully involved in meditation or prayer when the atmosphere you are in is hustling and bustling?  How’d that work for you?   It is a FACT that we live in a time where Silence and Peace can be somewhat elusive.  It is with silence that we know peace.  Mother Theresa once said…”God is a Friend of Silence.”   In that, she called to mind the movement of nature.  Grass Grows in Silence, the Moon and Sun move in silence, we are created in silence and we die into silence.   We also touch souls through compassion and empathy…two emotions which are borne out of and created in our own place called “Silence”

2014 is going to be a time where I am going to embrace the great power of Silence.  I do know that it will not be an easy thing but if I continue to realize the greatness that Silence can offer me, there is definite hope.  I feel that my Higher Good is not served with chaos and discord.  It is not served with gossip and drama nor worrying about what others think or say about me.  It is about being still so that I am making decisions that ARE a benefit to my Higher and Greater Good.

Will you choose to Embrace the Silence?


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Rebuilding …Part III

Interestingly enough, since I wrote last, Rebuilding of my own has occurred. After being a single parent and divorcee for 3 plus years,  I became someone’s fiancée’!  My boyfriend and I have decided to join 5 kids, two houses, 4 cars and 5 dogs….sounds like a lot but perfect timing for a blog on Rebuilding!

In Step II, “Bridging”, your homework was to begin to discover how bridging can benefit change in your life.  I suggested that perhaps trying Louise Hay’s “mirror work” as a start towards bridging and affirmation development.  Affirmations which would fill the gaps from where you are now to where you want to be.  Recycling old habits, thought patterns, and those things that may not be serving your “higher self” or best interest were probably also a part of that proverbial shucking off and I just want to know…How do you feel, what changes are you planning,  and what changes are you now ready to weed out or give a second chance to?

Now the Transformation Begins… rebuilding

For all intents and purposes I would like to use “relationships” as the Rebuilding Model.   I am not referring solely to relationships as solely two people.  We deal in different types of relationships on a daily basis from work relationships to relationships with strangers where you get your coffee in the morning.  Just remain open minded.

When I first started coaching, I thought I wanted to be a Psychologist.  After all, I am a Mom of 5 so I figured I had it all sorted out.  I started reading a great magazine called  “Psychology Today” .  This was a great industry magazine that I still read today.  They had an article about the “H.E.A.L.” technique that I have hung onto and have used in coaching as a great tool when I speak to individuals going through the Rebuilding stages in their lives and businesses.

Here is how it works:

H is for “Hearing“…. when the person opposing you in the relationship feels they are being heard, then communication becomes easier, less stressful.  Try to stay mentally present with the opposing party and listen to his/her viewpoint without being defensive.  Also listen “beyond” words.  Non-verbal communication is essential as well.

E is for “Empathize” …. Now I am not saying Sympathize, to give Empathy is something totally different and often confused for Sympathy.   Also, as you listen, take a second to notice your own feelings when the other party is speaking. When you are rebuilding relationships, sometimes remaining present and offering compassion is all the other person needs.  But knowing and communicating your own feelings is also key.

A is for ” Action”…. come up with a game plan or get back to your own Blue Print and offer the suggestions to that person which will bring about positive change.  I also caution people in the “A” stage not to “Act with Acquiescence”.  What I mean here is,  there’s no one telling you that you don’t have a say or that you have to be submissive to the other person’s whimpers.  Rebuilding is the responsibility of both parties coming together for a greater good.  End of story!


L is for “Love” ….  Make time to reconnect with what you love about the particular relationship.  Are you a good partner in success of a marriage, a job, or other endeavor where there is a Love or Passion for what made up the relationship to begin with?

The Rebuilding phase to me is like being a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars“!  You have to have a blue print of what you expect to accomplish, weed out or Feng Shui what you don’t need or what wont work based on the successes and failures of the actions you have taken according to the blue print.   You have to HEAL the breakdowns with yourself and the others involved and then constantly be in a HEALING mode to bring about strength and changes that are beneficial to the consistent flow of a HEALING energy!

A word to those who may be in the Archetype of a Victim..

To those of us who have been through constant failure, and rebuilding phases, there is one thing you CANNOT cling to.  That is being a constant Victim.  I have worked with many clients who have gotten angry with me because I have used the H.E.A.L. technique but hold them responsible for their own actions when it comes to their own Rebuilding process.   Please listen to me when I say…if you want help, it’s there to be had.  But what you do with the help is up to you.  I will guarantee you beyond the shadow of ANY doubt, that if you remain in your story of being victimized, the Rebuilding process with be stifled and stagnant.  Rebuilding a home, a marriage, a job or credit after bankruptcy is a process and not something where remaining the victim of the circumstance is beneficial.    There MUST be a moving forward for change to occur.  It won’t be easy, nobody has said it will.  Replacing “poor me” with “how can what I do affect a difference ”  is a shift of energy which will draw greater changes more quickly.  There is definitely help to be had and I love sitting down with a cup of coffee or a Kiltlifter to offer that help, believe me!

Have a Great Day, Lovees!   Leave your comments and feedback below…I too am also Rebuilding!!

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Bridging the Gaps…part 2

Thank you, for returning and coming back into part two of our blog, “Bridging the Gaps”.

Before I write, I like to meditate on what my topic will be and tonight it was a little hard to do that.  Metaphorically, a bridge is something that brings you safely across or over something huge, like a body of water or for my friends that are in major cities such as LA, they take you over the top of other roadways and freeways.

Another way I like to look at bridges is a form of “transition”…in LA they say you are transitioning from the 405 Freeway into downtown…or in Phoenix they say you are transitioning between the 202 and 10 Freeways into downtown.  “Downtown” always being the main hub or center of the city.  The crux of all productivity and movement.  A transition from the calm and peacefulness to ones home to the work place, state buildings, commerce buildings, the state capital and major banking centers and so on. 

In part one, we talked about using journaling to take us towards Bridging Gaps.  If you have been following along, you have been blogging for a week now.  Are there any patterns where subjects repeat?  When you begin to bridge gaps in life or your business, it is important rather than to either blame others or blame yourself, that you see your own potential.  The cornerstone of the bridge itself.  Is that cornerstone stone strong and indentured or  hanging on by a thread?  Is there a certain tension or strength that holds the cornerstone in place so that nothing will cause it to waiver?  

Perhaps bridging a gap is about repeating lessons so that when you are at the other side of the gap, you are able to look back and annotate what steps brought forth the success you achieved.  Kind of like a field journal that belongs to Indiana Jones or King Tut’s discovering scientists, Howard Carter or the lab journals of such men as the Wright brothers and Thomas Edison.   If field journals didn’t exist, they would still be making the same mistakes over and over on a daily basis, reliving their proverbial “Groundhog Days”.

Bridging the Gap for some is simply trying to decided what resides in the void between the present and the future, a roadmap or how-to manual for some to achieve their goals, wishes and/or dreams.  However, this bridging is about acting on goals and carrying out those goals to achieve an end result.  Bridging is a great many things to a great amount of people.  It is a Transition of Life and sometimes a much-needed change.   Such is the case of those who are suffering and recovering from addiction of any type or recovering from the death of a loved one.  Perhaps it is dealing with divorce or the instance of those getting through a bankruptcy that resulted in the loss of a home and material possession. 

Bridging takes the most work of the three.  I believe this because bridging should be the part where change is realized and eventually occurs.  Part of the bridging however, is to take a seriously look at how the “mistakes” of the past are indeed, lessons of the future.


Until next Tuesday, take a look at a particular situation and investigate what bridging needs to occur in order for you to move forward with success involving this project. 

A helpful tool that I like using was invented by a person of AWESOMENESS named Louise Hay.  Louise Hay of “Heal Your Life” fame taught a technique called “Mirror Work” to clients so that they would learn honesty in themselves by stating affirmations to themselves int he mirror, over and over again.  You affirmations could include your own verbiage about bridging.  My own is ” I am happy, healthy independently wealthy and debt free.”  This bridge for me is about gaining personal freedoms from debtors and credit blunders I am still working on post divorce!

What you will find is that if you cannot admit your affirmations to yourself in the mirror, honesty is lacking and self esteem in affected.  Hence, if you do not have confidence in what you desire to change, you will not be able to convince yourself of these “wants”.

Until next Tuesday, I would love to hear your responses and comments below.  Thank you all for reading along with me on this journey!  I am hopeful we can all act as Masterminds to help those seeking to be a Mastermind of some sort to one another.

Enjoy Your Evenings!


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Blue-Printing, Bridging the Gaps & Re-Building

Since my last post the Retrograde has come and gone, a Solar eclipse and a pluthera of holiday flurry is now starting to take place around my house.  I decided I need to start making plans for the excitement and kept the planning in the back of my mind knowing that sometimes when you share plans with teenagers, their plans don’t always gel with mine.  Then sometimes the Universe gets involved and has plans of its own for me.  Besides coaching and hypnotherapy,  I was asked to fill the role of a lady who was using her Intuitive skills for people.  This included such things as Reiki and card readings.  I had recently achieved my Reiki Master attunement and had always had my own gifts but was a little nervous when I first started to “read” for people.  After a while, it became so much easier and most of my appointments have been centered around what I now refer to as “Intuitive Coaching”.  So the next blogs will be about making Blue-prints for Life changes,  Bridging Gaps and Rebuilding.

This passed week, I had 3 appointments which called for some intuitive insight through cards so I decided to use Doreen Virtue’s  Angel Oracle cards.  The sessions all started with ” I am in need of Direction”.  Each meeting resulted in more and more tragedy, but the  most powerful reading appointment involved a woman who continuously wanted to know if her angels could assist her philandering husband in his health after she filed for divorce and left their marital home.blueprint-for-life_t_nv

The first bit of Blue-Printing homework that I give to people, is to start with a journal.  Whether its an online journal, a hand written journal or something that they do on their laptop or in blog form, it is still a journal.    I use journaling as a form of having people record anxieties and successes.    It also allow the writer a sense of accomplishment when they look back at their past entries.  This is where the Blue- Printing  of success starts.  It helps them discover whats missing in their plan towards accomplishing goals.   When you build a home or structure, the architect starts with a blue print so that he/she knows where to plan plumbing, electrical and where the rooms are going to go.  Journaling is that Blueprint.  Blue Prints are also not developed over night.

Journaling also helps them to discover what it’s gonna take to be putting things in place to being their “Bridging of the Gaps” in their life or whatever situation they need to work on.  How they get from a depressed state of mind, as was evident with my last client and then how they get to where they are filling fulfilled in life and happy.  There may be roadblocks..but there are equally detours.

Its was amazing to me that all three (3) clients had issues with communication but also did not see to communicate with themselves through some form of journaling.   As I mentioned before, journaling helps to fill in the gaps of plans an details.  I will post more about strategies for Bridging Gaps on Tuesday.   In the meantime, I would love to hear how journaling has helped you get through some of your Roadblocks.  I am a big believer in Masterminding! !

Enjoy your Saturday!



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Accountability and Passion..a Lesson in Insults

This has been a weird month so far being the first half of October!    But I promise I will not talk about Miley Cyrus, Obamacare and the shutdown of our government. I have my opinions on all of this but it is not in my design to convince anyone of my beliefs to each their own.

Ok, enough said….

For those that know me personally, and have known me for sometime, I have been working on personal filters. Being outspoken and “passionate” about my beliefs began when my mother sent me out the door to kick the ass of the neighborhood kids who tormented by older brother. Looking back at subsequent experiences where filters don’t always win friends.  Self placed filters certainly have had more affect on me when it comes to “enemies” or people calling me “mean” because I am candid and honest.  My new favorite though has to be the insult called “Intense”.

This morning I received an email from a client,  I had treated over 6 months ago. She actively sought me out through internet and sent ME the email.  In so many words, this woman detailed how much money she had spent and how disappointed she was that she didnt have “movie star skin”.   Now mind you, this same woman was seen in my space 3 times, she has unreasonable goals and was looking to me for a quick fix of her abnormalities.   This woman exposed herself to 20 plus years of the Over the Counter (OTC) products which caused her skin to be grey and parched looking. Part of her problem too, was that the majority of her issues warranted her a visit to her Primary Care Physician and a cardiologist.   Trips she did not want to make.

After being candid with this woman and offering the professional advice of a capable and licensed person with 20+ years in the industry, I received two return emails.  The final email was a plea to not reply to her plight of persecution and “I was looking for advice… not a negative response that has me holding back tears”…


I wonder if she considers what a doctor tells her is mean or negative? How about her dentist? She took offense to the candidness of a licensed Skin Therapist. She was offended to be told that if she was not satisfied with her current pracittioner, that she contact management at the company she was disappointed in for resolution. Instead of her accepting responsibility for her own issues and working on the homework as “prescribed” by me,  she took on the role as a Victim and refused to see the role that she played in the failure of her expectations.  When I held this woman accountable and responsible for her actions, it was like watching a spoiled child yell and scream in disappointment over a unaffordable toy.   Her rage and fit at me was evidenced in an archetype where she was a victim and a martyr.  I answered her with the same filters that I had used with her before and used the word “disgust” to echo her sentiments in tongue lashing she handed me.   Her whole focus was about ” being disappointed in the “amount of money I spent to look better”…so what were her expectations of “better” and were they truly hers or someone else’s?

I have a hard time with understanding her filter of “mean”.  But I do understand over 20 some years in the beauty industry what Archetypes are and what Accountability is.

Many people just like this client live in a house — and have bills that eats up too much of their monthly budget. They dine out when they could be eating at home, and they indulge themselves even when they cant afford it.  They mistake wants for needs and when their expectations are not met it is someone else’s fault.

I remember my Grandmom used to say “Life’s about choices.”   One of the important things in life I learned from this is the importance of the decisions we all have as to how we use our money, time and resources.  It was this mantra she passed on to me that makes me “intense” or “passionate”.  And I am proud of it…

For those of you so far this week that I have coached…if your Intensity and Passion is standing in your way of being liked, the only person you have to impress or pay for is yourself.  Some of the greatest people that ever lived were passionate about what they believed in and weren’t well liked.  But behind they left legacies.  Be the topic of your own legacy and continue to be passionate about what you love.  Don’t let those who skirt responsibilities or shirk accountability be the ones who insult your greatness.

Alrighty then…I am off of my soap box and out the door to meet up with some others who are Passionate about what they do…

Stay Blessed and Give Gratitude,






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Boundaries….Your Right to be Rude!

Are you creating healthy Boundaries?

Are you creating healthy Boundaries?

When visiting with my own mentor, one of the subjects she wanted to discuss was an issue of “Boundaries.”

I have always been taught to be “of service” to those in need. But this past week, I have been hesitant to say “no” and when I finally did, the person I was working with told my supervisor I was “rude”.

When did saying “no” and expressing boundaries become “Rude”? It is funny, the more people I have coached this week, the more “rude” people I have heard they have also dealt with. Here are a few questions I have asked my clients this week:

1.) Do you have a hard time standing up for yourself?
2.) Do you keep agreeing to do things that you really don’t want to do?
3.) Do you tolerate rude comments or pushy people because you can’t         handle conflict?
4.) Do you take things personally?

I can assure you, rudeness is not one of your characteristics. But I would like to offer the following steps to assist you with developing your own boundaries:

1.) Self-awareness >  When faced with a boundary issue, pay close attention to the situations when you are losing energy, feel a knot in your stomach, or feel as if you want to cry. In those situations where you might need your own “space”. Learn to develop your own brand of self-respect! Personal power is the first step.

2.) Find Empowerment using Specific Language> I say things like: “Please do not speak to me that way” or “Although I am passionate about my employ with you, I also am passionate about my family and cannot work hours outside of what I am already scheduled”.

When dealing with clients inside of a business, you can always refer them to the owner of the business with a simple, “I am not in the position to make that decision, may I get back to you” OR “may I refer your to my owner”?

3.) Discover your own Internal Boundaries> When a person insults or “shorts” you in some way, I always ask myself three (3) questions:
a.) How much is this comment true about me?
b.) How much of this is about the other person?
c.) What do I need to do to regain my personal power? (If Anything)

Sometimes, people too are used to being catered to and be somewhat of a bully. if that is the case, using rule #2 will also help you to be as diplomatic as possible yet proving your point.

In the end, what others may see as “rude” is just that..personal perception! Setting boundaries for yourself is empowering and commands the same amount of respect that everyone deserves to receive. If you are looked at as “rude” so be it… join the club!

Thanks for Reading, Lovees!

Brightest Blessings,


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Being in Pain for Others….My story about “Brazilian” Waxing

I have been in the beauty industry since 1986. I think I have pretty much seen it all. Plastic Surgery, Liposuction, Botox and facials. Women with hair woes, guys with receding hair lines and acne…the list could go on forever and strangely, I love it. I got into the industry while still in high school. The 80’s is when I truly started to learn to look at people not just for their outside but for what they were about. Big Hair was a big part of it as was matte skin. I also started as a 17 year old, that guys were mean. I mean…down to the core mean. Girls had to be hairless and have the coy look. Cat eyed makeup was in vogue and when waxing began to make more sense, this is where I was introduced to the Brazilian.

Brazilian waxes are exposing..they void one’s “private area” of hair to the bare skin. From the front of the body through the “great divide” of our bottom and up to the low back. It can be modified to leave a what is referred to as a “landing strip” of hair too, for those that can’t bear the pain of the whole experience. It can be done for guys too. Waxing the family jewels actually is becoming the norm. But I am annoyed when I hear about people going through this as a means of getting close to the ones they care for intimately or “love”.

Aside from Success Coaching, I am also a practicing Aesthi in a waxing salon. Brazilian waxes bring a lot of money into my own as between we four practitioners, we probably bring in about $500 a piece per week on Brazilians alone. Its a mill of sort, walk in, rip, rip, rip… and out you go, bald as a baby. That was once a very droning thought until I started attracting people who wanted Brazilians but had NEVER been waxed on any other part of their bodies they entire life.

My first question is always, “of all the waxing techniques, why did you choose a Brazilian as your first experience with waxing.”? Slowly the answers have evolved away from “because I personally wanted to try it out” to..”it’s my Boyfriend’s Birthday” or the new one ” I am doing FOR so and so”. MY second statement is “why”?

I have seen people after they have had the procedure done, walk out as if it was giving birth to a child. I wont lie, it hurts and if you have longer hair that is unkempt in your private zone, then it hurts more. It feels like duct tape being ripped out of your hair or duct tape ripping off a mustache, neck hair or chest hair. It irritates skin and could possibly bruise you. Plus after wards you cannot do anything strenuous including hot tubs or engaging in “intimate playtime” ( WINK WINK) if you know what I mean.

Now the Coach in me comes out. Why are we as a culture so ready to do things that cause us pain to gain the admiration of others? That is something to coach around ALONE!!! How can your self-esteem be so low that you would give the ultimate gift (yourself) as an offering to the Brazilian Waxing Goddess? We color our hair and cut it to be in, we do acrylic and artificial nails to portray fictional characters to appease or fit in with other’s fantasies or the Hollywood norm. We ingest whitening treatments, radiation from Lasers. We abrade and chemically peel the skin, wear veneer teeth and subject ourselves to serious surgeries to implant silicone bags and shunts to make our penis’ bigger? JUST TO MAKE OURSELVES ACCEPTABLE TO OTHERS!

On the opposite spectrum, how many times do you feel SELFISH if you treat yourself to something? If we intend on spending money on a bang trim or eyebrow wax to make ourselves feel better, we think twice before we spend. Its frivolous to spend $20 on a hair treatment which keeps us looking good. But yet we go through the pain and hurt of doing things to make OTHERS happy. Pain experienced for another is so NOT worth what you pay for it.


Spend the next 5-days of your work week and take inventory of the pain you go through to be “fulfilled” and wanted by loved one, bosses, relationships and so on. Put a value on them. For instance, for every pain your experience assign a dollar value. At payday this week ( or whenever you get paid) add up those dollars. Deposit dollars which are equivalent to the amount of “pain” dollars into a box, piggy bank or drawer. At the end of the 5-day period of savings, take your dollars out of Secret Stash place and spend them on YOU. You will be amazed at the feeling of euphoria that you receive when you spend your Pain money earned on YOU! Plus you also noticed unless you are saving for a Tattoo, you wont hurt or cause yourself extreme pain!

For those of you that go through Brazilians “for” someone else…it is at least worth $5.00!
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Have a Great Monday Lovees!



Being a Person of Increase….It’s Contagious!

Increase: to become progressively greater (as in size, amount, number, or intensity)

Contagious: : able to be passed from one person or animal to another by touching


I wanted to start by saying thanks to those of you who have been liking my blogs and sending notes via email as well as “Liking” the Integrated Success Solutions Facebook page.  I have been so honored and humbled reading the greatness on some of the Coaching pages I have read and I Will say I appreciate the mentorship that evolves through your writing!

Yesterday I eluded about being a person of “Increase” and as I meditated this morning about what message to wrote I continually heard the word “contagious”.  Very unique in their qualities, there are two words that can have a profound affect on life.  Especially a life in transition as many of my clients and peers are now going through.

There is a story about Coretta Scott King that was turned into a country song.  If you would like to listen as you read here is the song:    Its called the “Chain of Love”  by Clay Walker.  Ok,  so it is a corny video!  I wont argue but this message of Increase!  Contagious Increase.   Let me explain “Contagious Increase…”

Its very easy to be a person of “Increase”.  Increase comes in many forms, beginning with the feelings that you can deliver someone that you help out.  Increase in my words to clients means that the vibration of the self increase.  You all have seen it, throwing pebble in a pond and the ripple effect.

In the video, the waitress was happy over $90.00 and some change but you can help a person with increase by doing more than just giving out money.  It starts with little things, like opening a door for someone who is has to wrestle getting through it because they can’t wheel their wheelchair and open the door at the same time.  It’s bending down to tie a little kids shoes after you tell their caregiver that they are untied. It pumping gas for someone who can hardly lift the handle to their car or its sitting down in a care home and listening to a Veteran’s story that he’s told a million times over.  You increase the energy, you increase the vibration of love and care and most of all you increase your heart-space because it becomes filled with compassion. 

Once a week, and I am thankful we can do this…we go out as a family to dinner somewhere.  Just anywhere.  We eat as a family and when we leave we always tip $20.00 over what the bill is.  Now you may say, “well I don’t have the money to do that” or “what if they give crappy service”?  It doesn’t being a person of increase I have put myself and shown my children to put themselves into Increase.  Once you “increase” the vibration of another the ripple affect is amazing. 

This is where the Contagious comes in…If you read the definition of contagious above it says “being passed by touching”.  I didn’t read anything about disease.  So the action of Increase, CAN be contagious!! 

Sadly, our world has become such a callous place.  Too many people are tuned into radio station WIIFM!    How many times after you are the recipient of Increase,  do you “Pay it Forward”?  Speaking of tuned in, lets tune into that time when someone needed help and too many people were standing around.  You stood up and jumped in with the big “S” on your chest and saved the day.  Thinking back about that for a moment, it really was contagious and to more than just you.  The feeling is enough and once again, your heart- space is enormous.  It makes your day, the person you helped has a good day and is relieved and the people around you who watched or saw what you did were impacted and say to themselves, “Why didn’t I help”?  So how can that Good Vibration be a disease?  If it is I want a fatal diagnosis!

Lastly, I would also like to say that I also tell my clients that increase is also generated by taking back.     Let me give you an example. My kids are taught the old school manners so, holding doors is a big one and when doors are held for them they say are taught to say “thank you” or they get the stink-eye from me.   My biggest pet peeve though is when one of them is holding a door for someone and they step through the door as if you are a doorman, working for the establishment who owns the door.  In this case, my kids and I have gotten into the contagious habit to say, ” A thank you is always appreciated” or “Your Welcome” even if the other person doesn’t express gratitude.    This is a form of contagious increase because it makes the person become more conscious of themselves.  Their world outside of their own body is effected so that once they become the door holder, they demand Increase and respect for themselves which in turn causes increase.  Don’t get me wrong, we all have been called a “smartass” by a few people but when you speak of “manners that your Momma taught you” as your defense, the whole situation diffuses lickety-split. 

Homework……yes, all of clients get homework and I challenge the rest of you to the same.   We all have a cell phone with a voicemail …today, re-record your voicemail message and after your whole schpeel about your personal info, add something like ” and Hey be a person of Contagious Increase..Pay It Forward for someone today”.    I would love to hear the feedback that you are given!

Be the Ripple of Contagious Increase in the Pond….

Happy Pre-Friday Lovees….



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What if We Were All Debt Free? Something to Think About.

You see, I have an “I am”.  I have an “I am” that I learned to use through the Wayne Dyer “Wishes Fulfilled” program.  You breathe in making the mantra and breathe out with an “I AM” …so mine is “I am Happy, Healthy, Independently Wealthy and Debt Free …I AM”…a mouth full, right?  But when I shared the mantra with by boss, she said that is a mouthful to manifest.  After she had said that to me it made me think about my mantra and think I did.

What would happen to the world if everyone were debt free?  We really wouldn’t need banks or credit cards anymore because we would have the money to pay cash for things.  Places that barter would probably flourish because people wouldn’t want to be in debt.  Dave Ramsey from Financial Peace University would be in absolute bliss because nobody would owe to the big credit card companies or to student loans.  So “Amercian Distress” credit card as he puts it would go by the wayside.  The government wouldn’t be stressed trying to afford medical care for the masses because we would have the money to pay for it.  Big Businesses like Sears would go out of business because of the people they depend on to use their credit cards and it may even send a message to those who live outside their means into a tizzy because they would learn to put a value on the BS that they buy JUST to keep up with the Jones’.  Our government who is the biggest debtor at all would probably not know what to do with themselves considering the country would not be worried about making payments on a Zillion Dollar debt to other countries…(A Zillion!  At 45, I never knew that was ever a number.)

But if we are out of debt and we begin to live in our means, what do we do with the money that we dont have to pay to make a mortgage or car payment? Where would it go..?  Where would you “spend” it?  Most of the people I polled today said they would go out on a vacation where they have never been.  Some would treat their spouse to jewelry and yet some would buy a fancy car.  Still some would buy things that are known in many circles to be the best of a certain product and yet others would simply have cash laying around their homes for a rainy day.

Not many people that I polled would “spend” it to help those less fortunate.  When you think about it the less fortunate are always indebted to people just to survive.  They often are in such situations that they don’t ever learn what is better to them. They live day to day in the now, they don’t worry about tomorrow or what nice car they are going to be riding around in.  They don’t care what clothing label is in nor are they too particular about what is gifted to them by the more fortunate.   

The less fortunate ARE blessed by fortune in that they are grateful.  Most of those who are less fortunate make due and they have happiness in the due.  They rely on “due” process to enrich their lives, they don’t believe that they are due anything from anyone.  The debts that they accumulate render them vagrant or gypsy to some.  But the less fortunate don’t ask for compensation for degradation. 

In the end, for those of us who think it would be cool to be debt-free….would the less fortunate become our debt so that we could truly, ALL be debt free?

Think about it today….how can you be a “person of Increase”?  More on this tomorrow!

Happy Over the Hump Day to You all….Debt Free or Not!





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